Whoosh! History

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History of the publication

Whoosh! is about to enter its 24th year of publication and its 18th year on the Internet. The next print edition will be available in a Nov. 1, 2010 issue of Chicago Flame, an independent newspaper at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Whoosh! was born in the fall of 1993 as a simple newsletter printed on slick paper. The newsletter was mailed to Tip-In Club members and passed out at UIC home games.

In October 1997, Whoosh! was expanded and changed into Whoosh! Magazine. The tabloid-sized newsprint format was produced by the Chicago Flame and inserted into issues of the Flame, as well as distributed at UIC home games, until the Flame closed down after 2011 school year.

In October 1999, Whoosh!Net was introduced, not only as World Wide Web platform for the print edition, but as an expansion of it. With the timeliness of news, Whoosh!Net provides more frequent updates than the current print edition and will contain content exclusively for the Internet.

In November 2002, Whoosh!Net was relaunched with more dynamic pages and easier navigation. Special thanks to Mike Maxse for being influential in the relaunch.

For more information about Whoosh! and Whoosh!Net, or to become a writer or photographer, e-mail the editor/administrator editor@uicflamesbasketball.com.