Whoosh!Net Archives for 2005-06 season

Justin’s time is now (1/16/06 Whoosh!)
MID-SEASON RECAP: Flames still trying to find themselves (1/16/06 Whoosh!)
FLAMES NOTEBOOK: Poole’s career comes to grinding halt (1/16/06 Whoosh!)
Nelson: UIC’s unknown senior (1/16/06 Whoosh!)
OPENING TIP: Bright spots amid .500 record (1/16/06 Whoosh!)
COACH'S CORNER: with Jimmy Collins (1/16/06 Whoosh!)

UIC PREVIEW: Flames out to gobble up Horizon (11/7/05 Whoosh!)
Fab four in Flames' backcourt (11/7/05 Whoosh!)
FLAMES NOTEBOOK: Jeffers upholds family honor (11/7/05 Whoosh!)
Handicapping the Horizon (11/7/05 Whoosh!)
OPENING TIP: Who are these guys? They're pretty good (11/7/05 Whoosh!)
COACH'S CORNER: with Jimmy Collins (11/7/05 Whoosh!)

Stewart's next stop: UIC (plus recruiting, Horizon success) (3/21/06)
Kreps honored at Class A tournament (plus Banks, Stewart, schedule) (3/15/06)
Flames' prospects still doing well (plus coaching Flames, UWM title) (3/10/06)
Stewart, Edwardsville stay hot (plus Blake, Schneiderman, Banks) (3/7/06)
No matter how you say it: Flames' season over (HL tourney vs. UWGB) (3/4/06)
Green Bay awaits Flames in Milwaukee (HL tourney) (3/2/06)
Rock solid effort by Collum (HL tourney vs. Wright St.) (3/1/06)
Flames looking stoked (Horizon preview vs. Wright St.) (2/28/06)
Jeffers, Mayo, Bowen honored by league (plus awards analysis) (2/27/06)
Flames rebound with another OT win vs. Wright St. (plus HL schedule) (2/26/06)
Jeffers, Flames grind out another win (plus WSU preview) (2/23/06)
Racers by a nose (Bracket Buster at Murray St.) (2/19/06)
Flames pull it together in Milwaukee (2/15/06)
Loss to Loyola crushing (plus UWM preview) (2/12/06)
Flames see door is open (Loyola preview) (2/9/06)
Stefanov, Jeffers showcase talents (vs. Detroit) (2/6/06)
Zoric zips Flames past Penguins (plus Detroit preview) (2/3/06)
Murray St. revealed as mystery opponent (plus Fury, Stewart, Banks) (2/1/06)
Bulldogs embarrass Flames (plus notes, YSU preview) (1/30/06)
Name's Bond ... Kevin Bond (vs. UWGB, plus Collum news) (1/29/06)
Comeback kids lift Flames (at Wright State) (1/25/06)
Collins: Flames need to get back to basics (WSU preview, Banks, Williams news) (1/24/06)
No soft landing for Flames (vs. Detroit, plus Collum return) (1/22/06)
Vikings continue Flames freefall (plus Detroit preview) (1/20/06)
Schilb and Kou too hot for Flames (plus Cleveland St. preview) (1/16/06)
Flames-Ramblers: Bloody Sunday (1/13/06)
Flames run out of gas in Green Bay (1/12/06)
Poole's career officially over (Bowen, Collum, UWGB preview) (1/10/06)
Double trouble against UWM (Poole ineligible) (1/6/06)
UIC-UWM rivalry back to the players (1/4/06)
Listless Flames flattened by Butler (1/2/06)
Flames survive motivated Penguins (plus Butler preview) (1/1/06)
Bowen fires up, Davidson goes down (plus YSU preview) (12/30/05)
Davidson starts tough stretch for Flames (plus recruit update) (12/28/05)
Loss to Orange not sweet (12/21/05)
Syracuse: Homecoming for Collins (12/20/05)
Poole putback defeats Huskies (12/18/05)
Balky back doesn't slow Bowen, Flames (plus sked, NIU preview) (12/15/05)
Out to tame Wildcats (plus Flames Flickers, 2006-07 sked news) (12/13/05)
Flames victory covered in Mayo (vs. Ole Miss) (12/11/05)
Poole key to beating Ole Miss (White, Zoric updates) (12/8/05)
Flames collapse under pressure (vs. Chicago St.) (12/5/05)
Collins calls for crowd support (Chicago St. preview) (12/2/05)
Eagles soar in 2nd half (loss to Ga. Southern) (11/28/05)
Flames wreck Georgia Tech (11/26/05)
St. X(avier) marks bad spot for Flames (11/23/05)
Bowen earns Player of the Week honors (plus St. Xavier preview) (11/22/05)
Frigid shooting costs Flames championship (vs. Denver) (11/20/05)
Flames off to the finals (win over San Diego St.) (11/19/05)
Killer B's get it done for Flames (vs. Montana State) (11/18/05)
Season tips off in Alaska (11/16/05)
Flames news: Poole's asthma, recruit signings, alumni update (11/13/05)
Back to the drawing board (loss to D-II St. Joseph's) (11/10/05)
Jeffers stars in exhibition rally (plus injury update, TV/radio) (11/6/05)
Exhibition season opens with Robert Morris (11/4/05)